Fitchburg State Game Design

Explore the city as Bottle Man! Complete missions and help the citizens of Bottleburg.
First Person Horror Narrative Game centered in an Insane Asylum.
A 2D Platformer where you gather ingredients to create and sell potions to a town on the edge of a dying world.
Save your sister from being turned to mulch in the world under the rotting stump.
Dextra is a 2D platformer... at first. As Dextra, you can find leftover code and use it to change the game's genre.
2D couch co-op with unique characters and combos

Visions 20/21

Visions is the juried student honors festival of the Communications Media department.

Game Studio Capstone

Game Studio Capstone is a full-time, semester-long game studio experience taken Senior year

Advanced Game Workshop

A selection of games from Advanced Game Workshop, typically taken senior year

3D Game Development

A selection of games from 3D Game Development, typically taken in Junior year

Game Design Workshop Sp21

3D Game Development Fall 2020

Games created in 3D Game Development class, typically taken in Junior year.

Game Design Workshop

A selection of games from Game Design Workshop, typically taken Sophomore year

Serious Games Fall 2020

Projects developed in the Serious Games course

Fall Jam 2020

Fall Jam 2019

Games from the first Fitchburg State Fall Game Jam, 2019

Global Game Jam

A selection of games created for Global Game Jam, hosted at Fitchburg State

More Student Games

Faculty-Created Games

3D Game Dev Sp21